Web Design

We provide Our Clients the best customized Web Development Services in line with their exact Requisites, Specifications, Goals and Budget

As the global online marketplace has been constantly saturated and as the competition for attracting potential customers is an ever-increasing factor, it has become more critical than ever for businesses to have a visible and dynamic online presence in order to remain a viable and competitive 21st century business. BARTARTECH, an Afghanistan based web development, can help your organization claim that online visibility and presence by offering the most relevant, reliable and affordable web development, hosting and maintenance services that meet every requisite and expectation of your visitors and potential customers.

Our Services

We believe a well-designed and managed website can serve as a virtual entrance gate to your business and online presence, through which your potential customers walk in to find out about your business, products, and/or services. As such, BARTARTECH has become one of the most reputed and preferred companies providing full-spectrum professional website design and development in Afghanistan, providing its clients with unmatched web design and development services leveraging the most advanced technologies and technical frameworks.

Here at BARTARTECH, our team possesses superior expertise and extensive knowledge to match your project expectations in the most relevant and professional manner. Our web design and development services subsume a vast array of website designing, redesign development, hosting and maintenance services including:

  • Website design and development
  • Mobile website development
  • Website redesigning and maintenance
  • Responsive website designing and development
  • E-Commerce website development
  • CMS development and much more

Our Specialties

BARTARTECH, being one of the leading web design and development companies in Afghanistan, assists clients to claim a professional and dynamic web presence through a skillfully developed and commercially driven websites. Our team of dedicated developers possesses all the required expertise and skills for the design and development of a wide variety of websites using the latest web design and development technologies and platforms following a comprehensive requirements analysis and coordination of our clients so we can offer them the most relevant and customized services in-line with their needs and requirements.

We can also assist our clients with their web portal design and development to support their businesses while making it easier for their website visitors to go through their products and services. Some of the most unique and specialized features of our web design and development services include:

  • Comprehensively customized web designing and development
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Development of search engine friendly websites
  • User friendly websites with amazing user experience
  • We provide you complete control over your website
  • One-stop shop for fully functional web solutions

Comprehensive front-end functionality

We will make sure our client’s website is equipped with a dynamic and user friendly front-end design, features and functionalities; making sure their website is a powerful and effective business tool. By delivering custom-built web solutions, we will provide our clients with the most relevant and reliable design, features and functionalities for their website. By following a state of the art agile and modular website design and development approach, we can also help clients expand their existing website by adding new features and functionalities according to their changing business requirements in the most cost effective manner.

Expert back-end programming

Our web development specialists create highly functional, dynamic and interactive websites, leveraging the cutting-edge technologies to function smoothly and seamlessly in the back-end. We offer our full spectrum of back-end development and services including database design, development and integration for colossal data storage and administration through client’s websites and portals.