TV Streaming

TV Streaming

Live Streaming

The TV Streaming is optimised for large files with no size limitation (of course we can still manage the small ones too). Your content is delivered up to 25% faster than the competition because our global content delivery network streams from the location closest to your viewer.

On Demand Streaming

Host your videos and deliver them in the highest quality anywhere in the world to any device.

Live Encoding

We support any encoder you want to use. If you aren’t sure, we’ll work with you to get the best encoder in place for your content

Streaming Player

Our player streams to any device. Just a few clicks to create it just the way you want it, then cut and paste the code into your website.

Global Delivery Network

Your content is delivered 25% faster than the competition from our global network using the closest POP to your viewer.

Technical Support

Local Afghanistan streaming experts are paired with web developers and ISP specialists to provide support for any project you have in mind.

Still wondering how to take a step ahead? Contact Us and we will guide you through.