Custom Security Solutions

When designing a Security Camera System, Bandit Systems prides itself on providing a solution that meets our clients’ needs, both now and into the future.  Our integrated solutions team (IST) works with clients to clearly develop the functional criteria for the CCTV system and then develops a custom solution that is complete, easy to use, and most importantly, cost effective:

The Importance of Design and Planning

Bartartech is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and in order to guarantee that an installed system delivers the consistent outstanding outcomes our customers deserve, all Bandit installations go through a thorough design process. The process starts by identifying the specific objectives the system needs to accomplish, and then the system is built from end-to-end with these objectives. The ultimate goal of the design process is to ensure the system will produce quality results, and ultimately customer

Design Methodology

Bartartech uses an algorithmic approach to identify the ‘sweet spot’ between cost and coverage using an internally developed layered or “Sigma” approach when designing CCTV systems. The Sigma concept is used by the Integrated Solutions Team to help it communicate to the clients the depth of capability their system will provide. Sigma is broken down into 5 basic layers (targeted pixel density in parentheses):

  • 1st-Sigma :  Critical high value assets (HVA) monitoring (100 pixels/foot)
  • 2nd-Sigma : 1-Sigma plus detailed ingrees/egress facial/vehicle capture (100 pixels/foot)
  • 3rd-Sigma : 2-Sigma plus overview awareness (20 pixels/foot)
  • 4th-Sigma : 3-Sigma plus license plate capture (120 pixels/foot) and IR for advanced night operations
  • 5th-Sigma : 4-Sigma plus megapixel overview for detailed analysis (80 pixels/foot)

Design Details

Bartartech’s CCTV system designs take into account all factors affecting system performance. We will calculate the correct lens required to capture the desired camera fields of views, and we calculate the pixel density necessary to achieve defined recognition objectives using industry standard metrics, along with many other factors. Finally, Bandit takes into account each client’s budget to ensure the project stays within predetermined costs.

Resolution vs. Pixel density (at a constant field of view)

Resolution vs. Field-of-view (at a constant pixel density)