Upgrading or Replacing your Older CCTV System.

Let’s first determine what you need!

Over 60% of consumers purchase the wrong surveillance equipment for their needs.

Upgrade or Replace my current system

Please review some of the questions below so you may have a better understanding of what you currently have and may need.

Upgrade Analog Coax Based System

I have a current system and I would like to upgrade my system to a newer system.

1. Determine the kind of system you currently have. Is it Analog, HD-SDI, HD-TVI, HD-CVI or some other type of HD-COAX system.

2. If you do not know what you currently have, take a picture of the model number of your current DVR or System to provide us.

3. Look at the wires on your current system and confirm that it is using coax cable like your cable company uses.

4. If you’re uncertain take a picture of the system and send it to us via Live Chat or ask the live chat agent to provide you our number so you can text us the image.

Replace OLD DVR with New HD DVR.

Do you want to keep any cameras from your existing system?

Do you want to keep some of your existing cameras or are you looking to replace them all?

Our systems allow you to use older analog cameras with our systems. You can mix and match analog cameras & HD-Coax cameras on one system.

This will allow you to upgrade your older cameras as needed and save you money now. You also have the option of just replacing all your current cameras and using your existing coax cable.

Now that you know what you have and want, choose your best options.

Upgrade DVR

You will find your best option to replace or upgrade your current recorder within our Tribrid Multiplex DVR lineup. These recorders allow you to use your older analog cameras with newer HD cameras. These DVRs will allow you to mix both old and new cameras on the same system. This saves you money on replacing all your current cameras while allowing you to add new HD cameras now.

Replace Your Cameras

Once you confirmed you have coax cables you can choose from our selection of HD-COAX cameras. These cameras offer up to 5MP HD resolution and are offered in many different model types..